Star Shower Motion Laser Light Review

star shower motion review

Star Shower Motion Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights Review

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The Star Shower Motion projector is an easy to setup, affordable Christmas laser light solution that projects thousands of stars onto your home during the holiday season.

The Star Shower Christmas Light Projector covers up to 3000 square feet of your home, depending how far away you can place the projector. With the below information, you can see how much area you can expect the projector to cover based on how far away it is from your home –

10 feet – 206 sq ft
20 ft – 824 sq ft.
25 ft – 1288 sq ft
30 ft – 1854 sq ft.
35 ft – 2524 sq ft.
40 ft – 3296 sq ft

One single projector can work for most homes, but if you add more you will get a better and brighter affect. Christmas laser light projectors work best when placed 25-40 feet away from your home. The further away, the less bright the stars will appear on your home but the more area they will cover.

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Also, ambient light will play a huge factor in how bright this projector displays on your home. If you live in an area with less light pollution, the affects will be more dramatic.

Check out the video below for some more information on the projector and see one of the best Christmas laser lights in action.


Star Shower Motion FAQ

Q: I turned on my Star Shower Motion and nothing happened, what gives?

A: To save electricity, Star Shower Motion has been designed to only turn on in the dark. Test the unit in a dark room.

Q: Is the Star Shower Motion battery operated? 

A: Star Shower Motion is not battery operated, but comes with a foot long, 2-prong wire plug. You’ll need to run an extension cord to the unit from an outlet.

Q: How far away can the Star Shower Motion project?

A: Star Shower Motion’s ultra bright laser lights can project from 100 yards away. The closer the projector, the less area it will cover, but the lights will be brighter.

Q: Can the Star Shower Motion withstand extreme cold?

A: Star Shower Motion can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit/-35 degrees Celsius and as high as 100 degrees fahrenheit / 40 degrees Celsius.

Q: Is the Star Shower Motion safe to use everywhere?

A: Lasers must meet rigorous FDA regulations and Consumer Product Safety standards. Star Shower Motion should be pointed directly at your home and never directly into the sky. Lasers should not be projected at or within the flight path of an aircraft within 10 nautical miles of an airport. If your intended surface is within 10 nautical miles of an airport, lower the angle of the Star Shower Motion so that no lasers point into the sky.

Q: Is the Star Shower Motion dangerous to use indoors?

A: Star Shower Motion lights are safe as the laser is defracted but neither pets nor people should look directly into the lens for any extended period.

Q: How long does the Star Shower Motion last?

A: The bulbs have been tested for great durability and should last at least two years.

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What People Like About the Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights

Here”s some real quotes from users of the Star Shower Christmas laser lights -\r\n

“At first I was a little skeptical of how it would work, but as soon as we plugged it in, it was so beautiful! There is a stake on the bottom of the projector that goes into the ground and you can point the lights in any direction you want. Once you have the projector placed where you want it, you just have to plug it in, turn in on and sit back and enjoy its beauty.”

“Works amazing, recommend ordering more than 3 or 4 for a large property. They are dusk to dawn which is Great! Have had them out in the rain, wind, cold. Working fine!”

“Excellent alternative to hanging Christmas lights. The item is so easy to set up and they light up the entire house effortlessly. This item also is for use inside as well.”

The Star Shower Christmas laser lights projector is rated to work in all weather, but just keep in mind you may need to go outside to clear snow off of it after a storm! You can also check out our guide for the best Christmas yard inflatables to ramp up your holiday spirit!

Ready to take your holiday decorating to the next level?

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