Chelsea Home Imports Light Flurries Review

chelsea home imports light flurries review

About the Chelsea Home Imports Light Flurries Falling Snowflakes Light Projector

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The Chelsea Home Imports Light Flurries Falling Snowflakes Light Projector is a great, subtle holiday light projector that will project falling snowflakes  on the surface of your choosing. This Snowflake light projector covers an area up to 40 feet tall and 60 feet wide! You can adjust the falling speed and size of the snowflakes as well, letting you have a White Christmas no matter the climate!

light flurries review

The Light Flurries Falling Snowflakes system uses an energy efficient LED spot lamp to case bright snowflakes, and it’s rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Christmas light projector is weather resistant, easily portable, and has a 44 inch cord that plugs into a normal AC outlet. The Light Flurries system must be setup on the ground, it can’t be mounted to a tree or pole.

Check out the video below to see to setup the Light Flurries Falling Snowflakes, and what it looks like in action!


Customer Reviews of the Chelsea Home Imports Light Flurries Falling Snowflakes Light Projector

Here’s what some owners of the Chelsea Home Imports Falling Snowflakes Light Projector had to say about the unit –

“Adds a beautiful effect to our homes decoration, however the light could be brighter, because it doesn’t light the front of the house up like shown in the pictures.”

“Beautiful! Looks great on my house!”

“The light flurries can not be seen unless you’re in my driveway and does not show with other Christmas lights on. It also doesn’t help that my house is under the streetlight. This would probably work well for homes in the pitch dark with no other lights on them, somewhere in the country.”

Since the Light Flurries Falling Snowflakes utilizes a mirror to reflect light back on your home, some users have issues with the light not being bright enough. It”s probably best to look at other great Christmas laser lights if you live in a city or areas with a lot of ambient light. You may also want to add in some of the best Christmas yard inflatables for extra holiday cheer!


Ready to add some beautiful snowflake action to your home?

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