Best Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen 2020

best inflatable outdoor movie screens

If you have a family of film buffs or are looking to create a fantastic new family tradition, watching movies outdoors together is a great time. Thousands of cities all across the world have movies in the park nights regularly during the summer. If you’d like to bring that tradition to the comfort of your own back yard, one affordable way to accomplish that is with an inflatable outdoor movie screen.

outdoor inflatable screen

By setting up an inflatable movie screen, you can quickly get yourself a 12-foot outdoor screen for a movie experience that will feel like your own personal theater.  Here’s some of the top reasons to buy an outdoor inflatable movie screen.


Benefits of an Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

  • Easy setup – these outdoor screens inflate quickly once plugged in outside, typically in just minutes. Once fully inflatable, you only need to tether it to the ground and buckle in the screen to the frame.
  • Easy to store – unlike other projector screens, inflatables are pretty easy to store and take down. Simply wait until the unit deflates (or help it along the way by unzipping it), then it neatly folds down into an easy to store form. There’s no screws to worry about and thinking about what to disassemble first.
  • Durability – an inflatable movie screen is very durable and not a safety hazard like other large screens. It can’t hurt anyone if it tips over, and if a kid trips into it they won’t be injured. In case of a hole in your inflatable screen, we have an easy to follow inflatable repair guide that will get you back up and running in no time.

Now that we covered the top reasons for buying an yard inflatable screen, let’s show you the best outdoor inflatable movie screens available in 2016.

Gemmy Deluxe Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

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First on our list we have the Gemmy Deluxe Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen. Gemmy is a very well-known inflatables company and has a reputation you can trust. It’s designed to be portable by folding into an easy to carry duffel bag. The screen measures 123″ by 70″ when fully inflated. Here’s what one user had to say about this screen –

Seriously, this is super easy to set up. Make sure the openings are fully zipped up around the fans. This bad boy is pretty light weight, so it is not something to put up on a windy day. Folding it back up to fit in the bag is a challenge, but I cannot fold up bottom sheets on my bed either. The screen, when shipped, is folded up. So expect some creases until you get enough use to smooth it out. Overall, picture looks great on the screen. It’s much larger than I thought it would be.


Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen

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This inflatable movie screen, also made by Gemmy, is the same size as the deluxe version – 123″ by 70″. It’s a bit cheaper than the deluxe version, but isn’t quite as sturdy. Here’s what one reviewer had to say –

If you’re looking for a screen to watch the occasional backyard movie, this is the one to get. It’s lightweight, very portable, and setup is easy. The blowers are integrated into the bottom of the screen and quiet enough that they’re easily drowned out by the audio. The screen surface comes folded and it’s very prone to wrinkles, so I recommend rolling it up after the first use and storing it separately.


LOCH 200″ Inflatable Outdoor Screen

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If you want an even bigger home movie experience, the LOCH 200″ inflatable outdoor movie screen is for you. The screen measures 174″ by 86″, making it the largest outdoor movie screen available!


Outdoor Movie Projector

Finally, if you’re in the market for an outdoor movie projector to tie everything together, we suggest you look at this Epson projector. It’s extra bright, brighter than most other projectors on the market, which makes it ideal for outdoor movie watching where you could be competing with ambient light.

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Once you get your movie screen setup, you can check out our best outdoor yard inflatables guide for home decorations.

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