best christmas laser lights

What are Christmas Laser Lights?

Christmas laser lights (also known as Christmas light projectors) are devices you can set up to project a wide range of lights onto your home, lawn, trees, Christmas inflatables, or any other surface to decorate for the holiday season. The laser light projectors are simple to set up, and only need one cord to plug into an electrical outlet.

Christmas laser lights are designed to be a replacement or supplement to your regular Christmas lights that you must physically hang around your home. If you still want to hang traditional Christmas lights, adding a Christmas light projector will really bring your home to life as the light dance and move around, unlike traditional lights.

Check out a great overview of what holiday laser lights can add to your home and garden in the video below –

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yard inflatable dog

So you’ve picked out the perfect yard inflatables¬†for your lawn – now what? Well, there’s some other items you should consider that might make your life a lot easier, and let you get more use out of your inflatables. In this post we’ll cover the basics of what you need to get setup and running.


Outdoor Electric Timers

Manually plugging and unplugging your power cords can be a real pain. Leaving your inflatables running all day, even during the wee hours of the morning, is a waste of energy and can cause your inflatable fan to wear out faster. What you need to use are outdoor timers that will take the burden off your hands and do this power management for you.

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