yard inflatable repair guide how to

When it comes to your best yard inflatables, placing them outside inevitably puts them in harms way for potential damage. It could be anything from wild animals to a bad snow storm that could cause your inflatable to break, leaving you with an expensive pile of fabric on your lawn and not much else.

There’s no need to worry about buying a replacement though, as most issues with your inflatable not working can easily be fixed. Here’s a step-by-step inflatable repair guide to get you on your way.

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inflatable power usage

When you’re getting into yard inflatables, at some point you’ll probably stop to wonder “How much are these things costing me on my electric bill”? This is not an uncommon question at all, so we did some research and some math to find out how much electricity a yard inflatable uses.

power lines for inflatables

Factors of Inflatable Usage Cost

Without buying your own electricity usage monitor, there’s a few factors we can use to give you a ballpark of how much it’s costing you to run an inflatable.

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When it comes time to celebrate a birthday, one big growing trend is getting an inflatable birthday cake to make the day extra special. Your kid’s eyes will light up when they see a larger than life birthday cake on their special day.

When picking out an inflatable birthday cake, there’s a few key options to consider –

  • Indoor or outdoor? Only certain inflatables will be rated for outdoor use. If you’re planning on using to for an outdoor party, make sure your inflatable will be able to withstand inclement weather if you need to leave it outside unattended.
  • Self-inflatable? You’ll be able to find inflatables that come with a built-in blower that will keep the birthday cake steadily inflated, but these take more time to setup and move around versus an inflatable where you inflate in using some other method (like your lungs or small air pump).
  • Inflatable Size. It’s always important to check the measurements listed on the inflatable and really think about the size before you order. Make sure you den’t get disappointed by something that’s too small or too large when it arrives and gets inflated.

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yard inflatable dog

So you’ve picked out the perfect yard inflatables for your lawn – now what? Well, there’s some other items you should consider that might make your life a lot easier, and let you get more use out of your inflatables. In this post we’ll cover the basics of what you need to get setup and running.


Outdoor Electric Timers

Manually plugging and unplugging your power cords can be a real pain. Leaving your inflatables running all day, even during the wee hours of the morning, is a waste of energy and can cause your inflatable fan to wear out faster. What you need to use are outdoor timers that will take the burden off your hands and do this power management for you.

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