Best Thanksgiving Yard Inflatables 2020

Thanksgiving is coming on November 24th this year, and maybe it’s time to add a new tradition for 2020. Many people decorate the interior of their homes with cornucopias and Indian corn for Thanksgiving. Some people may decorate their outdoors with corn stalks, but it often goes neglected.

You can change that this year by making a bold statement with a Thankgiving yard inflatable! You only need one of these beauties to get a big impact from your neighbors and kids.

thanksgiving inflatable

Why You Should Get a Thanksgiving Inflatable

The late fall can be a dreary and cold time of the year, devoid of color and humor unlike a time that calls for Easter inflatables. What better way to brighten someone’s day and give your kids than a big, happy yard inflatable?

What’s particularly effective of these yard inflatables is that since fewer people decorate outdoors during this holiday season, it makes a bigger impact and comes as a surprise.

6 Foot Thanksgiving Turkey

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This giant jolly Gobbler is just what you need in your yard to welcome your guests in for Thankgiving dinner! At 6 feet tall, this yard inflatable demands attention. It’s about 5 feet wide and 6 feet long as well.

This inflatable comes with everything you need to tether it to the ground, and once plugged in the inflatable turkey will self-inflate and light up.

thanksgiving turkey inflatable

Pilgrim Turkey Inflatable

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If you’re looking for a bit of a smaller Thanksgiving yard inflatable, this 4 foot tall turkey dressed as a pilgrim is sure to do the trick! This turkey inflates in seconds and is lit by energy efficient LED bulbs to give it a great glow in the darkness.

Easy to set-up and easy to store, this is the most popular Thanksgiving yard inflatable of the season.

thanksgiving pilgrim turkey inflatable

Inflatable Turkey Leg

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Finally, if you’re looking to have some fun indoors for your Thanksgiving party this year, take a look at these inflatable turkey legs. They inflate to be 2 feet long and 9 inches wide. This larger-than-life prop brings a lot of humor to your parties and special occasions.