Best Halloween Yard Inflatables 2020

Halloween is coming, and it’s time to go all out this year! Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to decorate for of the entire year, and it’s a time when you can really get as creative as you want. Whether your decor style is spooky or more lighthearted, there’s some excellent Halloween yard inflatables that would really make your lawn stand out.

halloween inflatable display

Why Setup Halloween Inflatable?

There are many great reasons to setup some yard inflatables for Halloween this year. Let’s go over a few –

  • Tons of outdoor foot traffic. During the Halloween season, you’re going to see a lot more foot traffic outside your home than when you have your Valentine’s Day inflatables and Easter inflatables up. As kids and their parents run around town to collect some candy, they’ll love to stop and admire your display.
  • Give trick-or-treaters additional lighting. Most Halloween yard inflatables you’ll find have LED lights inside to illuminate the inflatable through the night. This will be much appreciated by those walking around at night as an added degree of safety and visiblity.
  • Make your home more inviting. Putting these playful yard inflatables up sends a signal of openness and good cheer to the neighborhood and your visitors.
  • Easy storage once Halloween is over. Unlike other large decorative items, storing Halloween yard inflatables isn’t a hassle! They deflate down to very small sizes to be easily moved around and stored away until October comes again next year.

With all that being said, here’s the best and most popular Halloween yard inflatables for 2019.

Stacked Jack-O-Lanterns Inflatable

For a classic Halloween inflatable that will never go out of style, check out this set of stacked, smiling Jack-O-Lanterns. At 4 feet high, this yard inflatable is easy to find a place for in your yard and will act as a beacon to call in trick-r-treaters.

It includes an inflator fan and lights, so all you need to do is plug it in and secure it to the ground with the stakes and tethers. This inflatable would also work perfectly for indoor use for any indoor Halloween parties at home or the office.

stacked jack-o-lanterns yard inflatable halloween

Family of Pumpkins Inflatable

If you’re looking for a huge yard inflatable display that will impress for years to come, check out this 7 and a half foot long Family of Pumpkins! The great thing about this yard inflatable is each pumpkin has its own internal light, so the whole thing looks awesome at night.

The dimensions of it are 91 inches long, 45 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. It comes with all equipment needed to inflate and secure to the ground as well as light up.

pumpkin family halloween inflatable

Animated Ghost and Pumpkin Inflatable

For an animated Halloween inflatable you can check out this cute ghost that pops out of a pumpkin! All you have to do is plug this inflatable in, and it will inflate, light up, and activate the ghost’s movement.

This inflatable is 25 inches long by 25 inches wide and 48 inches tall when the ghost is fully extended. The ghost’s movement is on an automated loop that will continually pop up and go back down. This yard inflatable makes a wonderful display for in your yard or even indoors for a party or haunted house display.

Grim Reaper Motorcycle Inflatable

Looking for more edge this holiday season? Check out this Grim Reaper riding a motorcycle straight out of the depths of hell! He’s burning rubber and shooting flames!

This inflatable is 6 feet long and has multiple LED lights inside to light him up so he can’t be missed.

Inflatable Dragon

Are you looking to get all Game of Thrones up in your yard? Check out this inflatable dragon! It’s sure to be the envy of the neighborhood (and Westeros) that will make your house a must visit for trick or treaters.

This bad boy is a whopping 9 feet tall and flaps his wings. He has an internal LED spot light that gives an amazing fire and ice effect.

Inflatable Pumpkin Knight

Sticking with the medieval theme, how about this headless pumpkin knight? In his suit of armor and massive sword, he’s sure to give kids a Halloween fright!

This inflatable measures 8 feet tall and comes with swirling LED lights built inside.

That sums up our list of the best yard inflatables for your Halloween of 2019. Send up some pictures of how your yard inflatable displays turn out this year!