Best Christmas Yard Inflatables [New for 2020]

For most Americans, once the Thanksgiving holiday break is over it means that the Christmas season has begun! Decorating for Christmas is a great traditional event for the whole family. Nowadays, decorations have expanded from your old string lights to include Christmas laser lights and some awesome yard inflatables made specifically to bring holiday cheer!

We’ve gone through and selected the best Christmas yard inflatables for 2020 that will be sure to bring a joyous holiday to you and your neighbors.

christmas yard inflatables

Why Get Christmas Yard Inflatables?

With the advancement of technology making it easier and easier to decorate for the holidays, people have been adding more flashy and fun decorations to their homes to help them stand out. Christmas decorating contests are even becoming a big deal, so adding a Christmas yard inflatable to your home will help you get more attention!

Here’s some key advantages that yard inflatables have over other decoration types for this season –

  • Large 3D display for better viewing. Most decorations this time of the year are well-lit, but are relatively flat. Christmas yard inflatables are big and can be seen from all angles.
  • Lightweight means safer setup and removal. The holidays can be dangerous enough using ladders in icy weather, so the last thing you want to be doing is hauling around heavy decorations that could increase your likelihood of slipping and taking a nasty fall.
  • More personality than just lights. While Christmas lights are a thing of beauty, they don’t offer much personality, humor, or emotion to the viewer. Our Christmas yard inflatables on the other hand are bursting with personality and will be sure to delight the viewers, especially young children.

Those are all great reason why you should check out our top Christmas yard inflatables of 2016 below.

Frozen Olaf Yard Inflatable

Ever since the release of Disney’s smash hit Frozen, Frosty is no longer everyone’s favorite snowman! Here we have the instantly recognizable Olaf yard inflatable which is certain to make any youngsters that have seen the movie squeal with delight. All equipment you need is included.

This Olaf is 6 feet tall and is wearing a festive Santa hat while holding a candy cane. It self-inflates once plugged in and lights up as well. If you’re looking for a smaller inflatable, there’s a 3.5 foot Olaf available as well.

christmas olaf frozen inflatable

Snoopy Yard Inflatable

Here’s another classic cartoon character that might be more popular with the older crowd. Snoopy in his holiday scarf, wearing a Santa hat and reindeer antlers will be enjoyed by the young and old alike.

This comes with everything you need, just secure it to the ground and plug it in to watch the magic happen. It also lights up for greater visibility at night.

christmas snoopy inflatable

Christmas Penguin Inflatable

If you’re looking for a more general theme to your Christmas display, check out this cute standing penguin yard inflatable, all bundled up for the cold! It’s a very popular choice this year, and stands 4 feet tall. It self-inflates after plugging into a power outlet, and lights up. Included are all the ground stakes and tethers you need to keep it secured.

christmas penguin inflatable

Santa Yard Inflatable

Just as an Easter display with an Easter bunny inflatable wouldn’t be complete, no Christmas inflatable display is complete without a Santa Claus!

This Santa is smiling and waving, standing a massive 12 feet tall. This will be sure to draw attention from all the neighbors. Santa lights up so the kids can see him at night as well, and comes with 2 ground stakes and tethers to keep him secure throughout the holiday.

santa yard inflatable

Christmas Inflatable Setup Tips

Got your inflatables together? Perfect! But there’s still a bit more work to do in terms of setting up your beautiful new yard decorations. Here’s a few tips that will help everything get set up easier and quicker so you spend less time out in the cold.

  • Put in your stakes early. It’s much easier to drive stakes into ground that isn’t cold and frozen, so if possible try to get your stakes put in earlier when it’s warmer outside. If you have an idea of where you need to place the stakes from previous years, you can even do it before you get your inflatables out.
  • Fully inflate when placing stakes. If you’re setting up a new inflatable, it’s best to fully have it inflated when placing your stakes so you can get the perfect distances set up. Not having your lines perfect may cause the inflatable to shift, tilt, and turn otherwise.
  • Plan your extension cords. Make sure you have long enough extension cords and enough outlets available for your inflatables. You’ll also want to make sure you’re using outdoor rated extension cords and surge protectors if they’ll be out in the elements all winter.
  • Keep snow in mind. If you’re in an area that gets heavy snow storms, it’s possible that your inflatables could get buried if they’re on a timer to only inflate at night. While most the time the inflatable motor will be able to power through some snow and it will fall off the inflatable while it inflates, it’s possible that wet snow can be too heavy. You’ll want to be able to access your inflatables to brush some snow off them if needed, so having them a bit closer to a walking path might be a good idea.