Best Christmas Laser Lights for 2020

best christmas laser lights

What are Christmas Laser Lights?

Christmas laser lights (also known as Christmas light projectors) are devices you can set up to project a wide range of lights onto your home, lawn, trees, Christmas inflatables, or any other surface to decorate for the holiday season. The laser light projectors are simple to set up, and only need one cord to plug into an electrical outlet.

Christmas laser lights are designed to be a replacement or supplement to your regular Christmas lights that you must physically hang around your home. If you still want to hang traditional Christmas lights, adding a Christmas light projector will really bring your home to life as the light dance and move around, unlike traditional lights.

Check out a great overview of what holiday laser lights can add to your home and garden in the video below –

Why Buy Christmas Laser Lights?

Since Christmas laser lights are different from the normal holiday lights that you”re used to, you may be wondering why someone would choose a holiday light projector instead of a traditional strand of holiday lights. Let”s break down a list of the top reasons why you should buy a Christmas laser light projector this year, and ditch the traditional strands of bulbs.

  • Save you time. A laser light system saves you hours every year over traditional holiday lights. You don”t need to physically run wires around your home anymore!
  • A safer solution. The CDC says that more than 15,000 people are injured every year decorating for Christmas! With Christmas laser lights, you don”t need to stand on a dangerous ladder, trying to nail or staple your lights into place.
  • Less stress and frustration. Is anything more frustrating than trying to untangle bins full of Christmas lights? Or changing bulbs that burn out every year? With a Christmas light projector, there”s no more wires to untangle or dozens of bulbs to change.
  • Use less electricity. Holiday light projectors use only a fraction of what traditional Christmas lights do! Save some money this holiday season!
  • More interesting decorating. The great thing about Christmas light projectors is they can often be adjusted, change light patterns, and dance around automatically! This can be a lot more beautiful and interesting than traditional lights which only stay in one place.
christmas outdoor laser lights

Choosing the Right Holiday Light Projector

There are many different factors that will play into which Christmas laser lights will be right for your home, or even how many projectors you will want.  Here”s the best lighting options broken out by category.

Best Christmas Light Show Projector

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If you want a full-fledged Christmas light show from your holiday projector, look no further! This 1byOne Christmas Light Show covers a whopping 2100 square feet with just one projector and lighting patterns that keep your holiday display dynamic and entertaining. It also has a remote control, allowing you to change the light patterns or timer settings, even turning the power on or off without stepping outside of the house!

The housing on this projector is weatherproof to withstand the roughest elements of the holidays.

Best Affordable Christmas Laser Lights

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The Star Shower Motion Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights offer a wide range of coverage for a great price. It’s also brand-new and improved for 2016! The light sensor on this project will automatically turn on the lights when it is dark outside, and turn off when the sun is up to save energy.

This unit can cover up to 3000 square feet with just one unit, and cast green or green and red stars all over your home. You can set the lights to be in motion, or static.

Check out our review of the Star Shower Motion laser light system for more details.

Best Falling Snow Projector

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The JulyFire Falling Snowflake projector is the perfect option for a homeowner who wants a more subtle Christmas light projector. No flashy colored lights here, just nice, soft white lights that fall down your home like snowflakes! The video below shows these snow flakes in action.

Best Customizable Christmas Laser Lights

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The Sparkle Magic Illuminator is a highly adjustable holiday light system that has 3 separate laser lamps in the colors red, green, and blue. Each lamp head has an easily adjustable stand, and an adjustable lens that lets you change the size and spread of the lights.

All 3 lamps can plug into one single electric cord, and these laser lights are highly energy efficient.

How to Setup Christmas Laser Lights?

Christmas laser lights are extremely easy to install and setup for the holiday season. All you need to do in take the projector system out of the box, and find some place in your yard 25-60 feet away from your home, and point it towards your home.

It”s best to adjust the light at dusk with a flashlight so you don”t trip or fall onto anything.  As it gets darker, you can plug in your projector and see how it looks on your house, tree, or other target. Try moving the projector around to different angles, and try moving the projector further and farther away to get a feel for what looks best for your home.

Something to keep in mind – the further away from your house, the larger the area the lights will cover! However, they will be less bright than if you kept the projector closer.

Find the right balance for your home, and enjoy the holiday season!

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